Welcome to the Microstructure Imaging Lab at The University of Iowa

Research in our lab is aimed at developing advanced MRI techniques to study neurological disorders. This information provides invaluable insights into the microstructural organization of the tissue and helps to diagnose a range of neurological disorders.

We develop novel pulse sequences and reconstruction methods for efficient MR acquisition. These include the design of trajectories  (e.g.: Cartesian, multi-shot, spiral, radial) for optimal multi-dimensional sampling and design of novel reconstruction methods for artifact-free MRI, employing advanced signal processing methods. 

The lab is a part of the Department of Radiology at the University of Iowa and the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. The lab has access to state of the art research-dedicated MRI scanners at the Magnetic Resonance Research Facility, and also to clinical scanners at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. We collaborate with several research- and clinical faculty from the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Department of Psychiatry,  Iowa Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Iowa Initiative for Artificial Intelligence.

Our lab will be relocating to University of Virginia soon..!